Monday, September 19, 2016

6/18/16 — Triton Museum of Art Summer Art Fair

Unfortunately, this post is a bit late, as it was saved for a while but never uploaded. Please note that this event occurred almost exactly three months ago, on June 18, 2016.

A half year later, we held our second major event, at the Summer Art Fair at the Triton Museum of Art! The weather was amazing, and tons of people showed up for the event. Many people were very interested in the greeting cards bundles, and we had many sales with that.

One of the card designs
Bundles tied with sparkly gold or crimson ribbon

Sales ran upwards of $100. Overall, the event was very fun and exciting, and we hope to be back soon!

One bundle

Note: As the Museum was kind enough to let us sell at their fair, 30% of profits went to the museum and 70% was retained by A&C4A.

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