Friday, December 18, 2015

12/18/15 — Art Exhibit at the Los Gatos Senior Center

Today, I held my first art exhibit! I was really surprised to see the amount of people who showed up, especially considering how there was no prior publicizing, and the only method people learned about the event was through word-of-mouth. However, the exhibit was a huge success, and we even raised $103! Here are some great moments from the day.

The exhibit was held at the Los Gatos Senior Center, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Light refreshments were available. Many paintings were propped up and there was a whole table dedicated to ceramics! To cap it off, there were several greeting cards available, in festive bundles wrapped expertly with red lace and gold ribbon. Many people were drawn in by the colorful art works displayed.

The whole room, from the doorway

The room, from the back table

Cute, festive bundles of greeting cards!

By 11:30, I had had some decent traffic, and sold many bundles of greeting cards already. They seemed to be very popular, especially as they would come to use in the holiday season. The greeting card design of vibrant, orange flowers against a dappled green background was especially noteworthy, with one lady requesting a whole bundle of them! She was very excited to put them to use, exclaiming "[t]hey're beautiful!... I think everything here is great!"

From 11:30 to 12:00, however, there was a huge burst of traffic! Many people bought the bundles, saying that they were "Very nice!" and complimenting me, saying "Your art is great!"

However, there was a very sweet moment when one of my paintings, of a sweet white cat wearing a bright pink bow above a colorful, pastel background caught the eye of a very nice lady. She immediately thought of her granddaughter and decided to buy the painting on the spot!

She was extremely excited to gift the painting to her granddaughter and was in awe of the painting, saying "Thank you so much! The pastel background, the cat's eyes, everything! It's so good! Thank you so much!"

Overall, the art exhibit went very well. It was great, personally, to see so many people come in to admire my work and have some fun. All the money we raised will be going back to the community, which everybody loved. In total, the art exhibit was a great event that went very well!

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