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7/25/2015 — Manav Vikas High School

A dusty chalkboard hung over stone walls, covered in dust kicked up from the dried mud outside the cut-out door to the classroom. Without proper tables, students sat on simple, wooden benches that shook back and forth as the three students to each fidgeted and shifted. Their books laying in twisted piles at their feet, the students hastily scribbled calculations and answers on the small chalk slates they each held as the teacher wrote out problems on the board.

Such was a math class at Manav Vikas High School. To even call it a high school would be incorrect - students from ages 10 to 18 could attend classes, all together. The honor to attend school in general, however, was one that the students treasured, considering how the high school had not existed for their more-or-else uneducated parents.

With the Headmistress of Manav Vikas High School

When asked what art supplies and curriculums existed for the students at this high school, the answer we got was "none." This inspired us to collect art supplies to donate to the school, for artistic use. We created bundles of crayons, pencils, and erasers, and we collected art books and drawing paper as well, and donated it all to the school.

The drawing (+other) books we donated
The drawing (+other) books we donated

With the Headmistress and the teachers of Manav Vikas High School

The school was very thankful, and decided to implement an art curriculum using our supplies. They sent us a very sweet letter soon after to us (below).

This experience, more than a year ago, kicked off Art and Craft 4 All. Since then, we have changed our donation process. We now buy new art supplies to donate to schools. However, our core values have not changed: we spread art to those who otherwise would not be able to experience it. We hope to expand and improve in the coming years.

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